Hello, I’m Stefan Boiangiu,

A Toronto based Professional User Experience Designer, 
who creates outstanding experiences through every pixel of the screen.


Digital design became a necessity with the advent of the internet and has gained popularity in particular over the last fifteen years, as online media has become a major part of many people’s lives. Most people rely on the web for their communications, information, shopping, social life and more. Everybody is looking for more and more appealing ways to attract the digital client. Image, colour and key text have become the foundation stone of success in the digital era.

Working more than 14 years as a designer for a wide list of international clients such as autoTrader, Heineken International, Renault, Wrigley’s, Philip Morris, Mercedes, LG, British American Tobacco, Street Ball New York, UpSideDownFoot Media, BeMyDD, G.Ryan Design, BallasMedia, Pegside Film, Cancer Care Ontario, Toys”R”Us and many others helped me gather a rich experience in the www, mobile, large and small touch screen devices.

I’m capable of leading the design process from the first idea where I build wireframes and high-fidelity mocks with working prototypes that I use to conduct usability tests… all the way to the end where I work collaboratively with engineers and QA team to assure products are implemented correctly and tested before they are released. For every project, starting with the market research phase where my goal is to understand competitors through their winnings and failures. And always keeping the user in the centre to find their needs through research, usability testing, and user flows, all the way to the release date where I begin to collect user feedback and improve further the overall experience, to keep the company on a growth line and increase user satisfaction.

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